Stamford, CT. document pets which happen to be free, off leash, biting men or other animals. Report any prospective animal abuse or maltreatment

Stamford, CT. document pets which happen to be free, off leash, biting men or other animals. Report any prospective animal abuse or maltreatment

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Software for an Absentee Vote.

A summary of accepted recycling cleanup stuff.

Usage of the ADA grievance form.

Document questions of quality of air that may be leading to potential medical problems.

Information about how to join up their security alarm on the web.

Report pets being loose, off leash, biting anyone and other animals. Document any possible animal punishment or maltreatment.

Document any inhumane killing of animals both crazy and domestic.

Document a blighted home or building

An on-line program for a Zoning book modification.

View open employment from inside the City of Stamford and get software for available work. To learn more about open urban area opportunities, regular employment, and advertising solutions, visit the hr section site.

See available spots and apply to provide on Stamford Boards and profits.

Report harm to Apron of garage. The Apron may be the basic four legs of a driveway through the side of the metropolis path.

Acquisition a coastline allow on line, by post or in person to park at certainly Stamford’s lots of beaches.

Document issues of sleep bugs at private or industrial characteristics.

Details on estimates & obtain proposals sees, including recent RFPs/RFQs and Bid potential.

An online kind enabling you to request a beginning Certificate.

Area being adversely influenced by buildings/property which have dropped into despair.

Document a formal ailment towards the Board of Ethics.

View the panel of representatives meeting schedule

Find out if you might be in danger of becoming booted or towed.

Document bridges and overpass structural issues.

Discover fiscal 12 months costs, including present year working and capital costs.

Access Owners qualifications kind, a staff members’ Compensation Coverage Affidavit, Certificate of Liability insurance policies, and Non-Owners Affidavit.

Submit an application for an allow for just about any build, internal restoration, replacing, electric operate, plumbing services, heating and cooling services, demolishing or building. View the manual for getting a building allow for single group domestic characteristics.

Report suspected development without a license.

Accessibility: program For A Special celebration, software For Showmobile (Portable Stage), Application For lawyers allow, software For road seller license, movie license, Parking Meter leasing program, allow to Vend Permits in Parks (One-Day), and house On road Handicapped Parking room Application.

Report any issues relating to capture basins.

Breathing of outdoors symptoms of asthma plan are a National Association of state and urban area wellness Officials greatest practise award-winning free of charge plan designed to teach family members and also to minimize exposure to asthma triggers in your home.

Up-to-date information about Christmas time tree collect schedules and rules.

The Stamford authorities division encourage complaints against workforce on paper, spoken, in-person, by email, by telephone, by facsimile, electronic, or private. Capable register in English and Spanish

Document any concerns with a playground strengthening.

Request sports area bulbs be repaired.

Consult industry maintenance to include washing, decorating, or yard servicing.

Document pier or motorboat slide questions.

Report overgrown plant life or significance of maintenance of City median/island.

Advise us of any concerns regarding your town Parks. Inform us how we can boost!

Online accessibility a Civil Union qualifications kind.

Kindly register a claim with town clerk. Email mobile (203) 977-4054

Kindly submit a state with town clerk. Mail Phone (203) 977-4054

Publish travel suggestions concerning utilization of a city automobile by area staff members.

These requests are allotted to law enforcement District Captains in an attempt to aid owners with concerns concerning their unique forums.

It is Mayor Martin’s personal priority that Citizen problems or issues getting read and taken care of. Their issues or complaints concerning acts of a member of staff or practices of City divisions allows us to consider both all of our companies procedures therefore the advantages of our employees.

Please tell us regarding your experiences! Gran Martin beliefs area staff whom endeavor to offer and excel!

Report any problems of air-borne pollutants or impurities pouring into catch basins.

Information on how and where you’ll get a Covid examination in Stamford

Information about how for a Covid vaccine in Stamford.

Document problems for curbs in domestic avenues on town had roadways.

Document issues in daycare business that could create an issue or danger for the health and benefit of customers.

An on-line kind that allows you to definitely inquire a passing Certificate.

Submit particles elimination heaps which were perhaps not found while in the demonstrated City-wide pick-up. Dirt that does not suit the parameters demonstrated from the town won’t be found. A citation officer will be delivered to the location.

Information on late property, individual land and automobile fees.

Interior Request sort that directs society policing questions towards the designated Captain.

Accessibility the Dog permit Form combined with all about the entire process of licensing a brand new dog.

Databases of playground rules and coming puppy happenings on Courtland Avenue canine playground.

Report an urban area sign that has been knocked-down.

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